Think of this as your private career (& life) development club.

ExponentialChangemakers is a new global network built to advance women in their early careers so they can more rapidly achieve the trifecta of mission alignment, equitable pay, as well as job – and life – satisfaction. Through our membership community women in their early careers engage with colleagues, coaching, courses & more. We also partner with universities to enhance graduate outcomes, and with organizations to support recruitment, engagement & promotion of women in early career. Our community & learning experiences achieve results and transformation including increased knowledge, skills, and confidence, ensuring women’s success and progression in the workplace, their enhanced influence, and access to a robust network of support.

We are the only global career development membership community specifically designed for women in their early careers who aim to change the world. We are extremely proud to have 100 NPS  and 100% member retention – check out what members are saying about their experiences.

Connect with Women in their Early Careers From Around the Globe & Social Impact Advisors

We launched in February 2022. Our first members are a diverse group who reside in the U.S., the U.K. & South America, and represent over 10 countries—including Spain, France, Denmark, Uruguay, India, Nigeria, and the Ivory Coast.

Our members are each in different places in their careers and life, but what they have in common is that they’re all in their early careers and committed to making social or environmental change. Through roles in finance, technology, fundraising, marketing, public policy, and more, they’re driving to impact climate, social and criminal justice, education, international development & more. Through the community, they connect with one another as well as with select social impact advisors.

Benefits of Membership – Join today!

  • Meet other women who want to change the world
  • Connect anytime, anywhere: Use our app to connect or get support when you’re on the go
  • Access a robust range of courses, tools, bite-sized content, members-only events & more to help you achieve career clarity, run a successful job search, and navigate workplace matters with confidence and ease.
  • Attend Weekly Breakthrough Coaching to gain support & new perspectives on workplace or job search challenges
  • Have fun and build connections as you design your life and your career using our monthly inspirations
  • Develop career and leadership skills by supporting others, speaking at member events, and getting involved in the community
  • Expand your professional network: Cultivate new relationships with members and external advisors – leaders in social impact, entrepreneurship, learning, career development & more.

We Welcome

  • Women who are enrolled in or have graduated from university and are in the first 7 years of their careers. You might be unsure of your career path, exploring possible careers, or already working. Our members are each in different places, but what they have in common is that they’re in their early careers and they’re committed to making social or environmental change.
  • People who identify as women—cis, trans, as well as nonbinary individuals—are eligible to join. We understand that gender is a spectrum; our aim is to create an intentionally inclusive community.
  • We especially encourage BIPOC & first-gen women as well as those with diverse life experiences from around the globe to join us.
  • We are a global community, so you can join from anywhere in the world.  We are fully online at the moment but will be launching IRL chapters in the US and the UK in late 2022.

Who We Are

ExponentialChangemakers is facilitated by co-founders, Janine Mathó, Dr. Becky Sage, and Valerie Sutton, who share a passion for supporting women to find their purpose and create a life and work on their terms. Collectively, they bring expertise in career development, social impact leadership, entrepreneurship, and designing learning experiences. They have led such efforts at Harvard University, Pearson, the University of Exeter, EDUCATE Ventures & more!

Janine, Becky & Valerie are actively hands-on in the community, bringing a personal touch, as well as tools, frameworks, and curricula that they have developed throughout their respective careers to successfully support, launch and develop social impact leaders. 

They’re always trying out new ways of doing things, bringing fun and crazy ideas for events and career connections to life, and, incorporating member feedback in real-time.

You’ve made it this far down the page – you must be interested! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you’d like to have a conversation. We’d love to hear from you!